Confidence, man!


As we all know, auditioning can be a nerve-wracking experience, but try to be as confident as possible in the room.  Fake it till you make it as they say. It makes for a better audition,  and CDs want to feel confident that you can do the job on set.

I can’t tell you how may actors seem insecure or desperate when they audition. One thing I see constantly is that after the first take is over and the cd says those familiar words, “great, let’s take it again….”, the actor blurts out immediately “Yes!”,  “Please!”,  or “Thank you!”  They say it with such conviction(more conviction than their take on most occasions), that it seems to shout, “I have no confidence in what I just did, please just give me the magic direction that will fix everything.”

Come in with a strong take on the material and give it your best shot. As a CD once told me,”book the room, not the role”. Your version may be what they want or not,  and you may or may not  fit what they’re looking for,  but at least come in and give a strong performance. You want CDs to think you’re a good, confident actor that they can rely on so they’ll keep bringing you back.

Lastly, after the audition, just say thank you and leave. Of course follow the lead of the CD. If he/she wants to chat about something, great, otherwise exit, stage left. Staying in the room to expound on the latest student film you booked or how you just love the show they’re working on smacks of desperation again. Leave them wanting more.