4/2019-Signed with BBA for Print Rep!
11/2018-Took New Headshots!
6/2018-Signed with BBA for Commercial Rep!
2/2018-Booked the Film FIDO
1/2018-Booked Timeless
12/2017-Booked S.W.A.T.
11/2017-Shot a PSA , #METOO , for Women in  Motion Pictures!
8/2017-Signed with BMG Models & Talent for Theatrical Rep!
7/2017-Got new head-shots!
4/2017 Shot the film  “Across the Ocean
2/2017-Shot the web series “Misery Loves Company
10/2016 Booked the film “Don’s Diner”
9/2015-Booked “Heartbeat”